Juha Riverhill is a popural finnish spiritual guide and teacher who has worked with hundreds of people in search of their true, authentic self. A trainer, author, and consultant, he demonstrates a remarkable ability to unfold people’s lives, beliefs, and fears for them to see and let go of with love. With easy methods, he can show you how to be fully aware of the real You and let go of everything that is untrue and hindering your progress as an amazing human being.

Juha’s specialty is awakening people’s inner source with which they can empower and color their life in countless new ways. He believes that connecting to one’s hidden consciousness is key to achieving success in all areas of life.

Over the course of 20 years, Juha went from an insecure individual to an empowered being, a transformation that eventually led to self-discovery, realization of his life purpose, and spiritual awakening. Since starting his career in the catering industry and working various jobs in England, Ireland, and Sweden, he has gained valuable life experience and unique insight into spiritual and personal growth, the collective experience that many call ”awakening”. After his own inner awakening, Juha started working as a full-time spiritual guide and teacher, helping people from all walks of life to realize their true potential through better understanding their mind and themselves. In addition to personal consultations, he runs workshops, gives speeches, and shares his insights and experiences in articles and videos.

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