The Golden Book of Humanity

Author: Juha Riverhill

This book has a very special kind of energy. It is aimed to you whom want to raise yourself onto the right level in the spiritual development you have sought for. Channelled by Juha Riverhill, it contains revolutionary knowledge about the human enlightenment process, and paints a picture of a new and very different kind of world compared to that which we live in right now. Working together, realizing that everything in our life is, in fact, pure energy that we can shape as we wish and embracing the new way of thinking will be life-changing. Riverhill has developed an easy way to understand and describe how life itself truly functions. Providing his personal experiences and demonstrating examples, he guides us to walk our own individual path to enlightenment, re-introduces to us some of our hidden abilities, and teaches us to rejoice in them without forgetting our responsibilities as conscious creators. 

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With the guidance of this book, you can become a master of Unconditional Love. It describes the main steps on your spiritual path and how you should proceed when faced with the complex challenges related to each life lesson. The life lessons that Riverhill introduces are what he calls Hate and Joy, Bitterness and Thankfulness, and Fear and Refuge. They can all be found in our chakras in the aetheric body. As for the human collective, Riverhill calls this path the Angel School: the path that humanity has taken to ascend to the next level as an Angelic Kingdom. The book is full of guidance for you to meet the demands related to achieving enlightenment and other initiations later on on your path.

In addition to our collective and personal development, Riverhill describes the nature of the spiritual world and how everything in our world is structured in great detail, from spiritual hierarchy that we are all a part of to the intricate layers of the human body. He provides new knowledge about the chakra system, their colors and functions, as well as about the main energies and senses of the human body. The new structure of the twelve – twelve rays of creation, their masters and angels, along with twelve energies of creation – is also introduced and explained. These energies together are what we often call the Holy Spirit. 

Juha, Author & Coach

In this book, Riverhill breaks down the essence of love so that you can learn to hold onto love instead of hate. He describes love in a way which helps you to bring it into your everyday life: how you can use your words to turn your life into a paradise in which everything slowly starts to adhere to the will of Unconditional Love; how to steer your life and energies with your mental creation, and how to deal with the feedback that the people and things around you provide. After reading this book, you will understand the meaning of love, forgiveness, acceptance, and unity with others in creating a fulfilling life for yourself.

In addition to the new information regarding the spiritual aspects of our world, all the sections of this book contain valuable hints and tips as to how to incorporate more love and energy into your life and how to understand and weather the storms that are an inevitable part of our lives. You will understand what role your body, mind, and soul, life lessons, past lives and energies play in your life. On top of all this, the book contains a collection of easy, step-by-step spiritual exercises that you can do to help yourself proceed on your path successfully without losing the joy along the way. 

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