Spiritual Power and What Is It?

What is spiritual power for?

  • It is a power to create something into this physical world.
  • It is a power to help others and serve.
  • It can be used for energy cleaning
  • It can be used for healing
    – Spiritual power is given from Unconditional Love and taken care of by Ascended Masters (White Brotherhood)
    – Spiritual power comes with responsibility and can be taken away by Masters if it is misused.
    – Use your power wisely and remember always that you are here to serve from your heart.
  • When using spiritual power be aware:
    • Stay grounded, in reality
    • Always in your heart and with Divine Love
    • Stay in your senses and use your senses and intuition
    • Don’t ever try to harm anyone, anything or any situation
      – Power over matter and what can you do with i
  • Use it for healing:
    – You need to connect to Divine/Unconditional love and ask help to do healing with
    – Healing energies might feel as tickling or warmness in your hands or other parts of
    your body.
    – Act from you heart
    – Act from love
  • Use it for channelling:
    – Channel healing energy
    – Healing words

  • Use it for cleaning:
    – Home
    – Places you go/visit
    – Yourself
    – Situations
    – Relationships

While using Spiritual power/ energies be aware:

  • Study and get to know energies you are working with.
  • Learn to make difference with different level energies, different kind of energies.
  • Check always what is your source
    – Check always what kind of energy is coming throught you
    – When you first connect to your heart and then Unconditional/Divine love, it should
    be the purest and highest energy.

Energy discrimination

  • Be aware that not every energies is good or high.
  • Don’t work with low or uncomfortable energies.
  • Be aware of fake energy forms or fake energy creatures if you are channelling.
  • Remember that you have the responsibility if you are using energies.
    – Always use your power in constructive way and with Unconditional Love.
  • Ask your guides to help you
  • Study energy healing and/or different energies
    – Remember that doing and acting from love creates more love.
    – Energy cleaning:
  • You can clean your past lives from things that binds you and your energies:
    – Curses
    – Evil eyes
    – Swearings
    – Programmings
    – Contracts
  • You can clean different energy fields
  • Energies in different places where you visit
  • You can clean your home and place where you work
  • You can clean energy levels
  • Energy bodies:
    – Physical
    – Aetherical
    – Astral bodies and existences
  • Help different kind of creatures and beings in different levels.
    – Not all of those are positive and nice
    – You are able to help and clean negative, harmful or irritating/teasing energies and
    energy forms.

Why do we have different kind of energy forms and creatures?

  • We live in dualism
  • Dualism exists for us to learn
  • Different kind of beings, both negative and positive teaches us to see larger
    – You are able to contact those beings and creatures
  • Take care of your energies and remember to clean after healing people, places or things so
    you won’t lower your own energies or carry ”heavy/unclean” energies.

What and why you should clean?

  • It is important that you clean regularly the place where you spend most of your time:
  • By cleaning yourself you keep your energies clear and rise them up.
  • Low energies will block your spiritual growth and cause health problems.
  • If you home’s vibrations are not high enough, you are not able to rise and keep your own
    high vibrations.

For cleaning, use your mental and spiritual power and Divine love.

How to check vibrations in a house/place or at home?

  • Use a scale from 1 – 10 and your intuition.
  • If your intuition is not yet working that well, you can use a pendulum or dowsing rol.
    – Focus to the love and don’t get lost to astral worlds
  • Because we are living this life now, in this world, from all of our heart.

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Spiritual Power
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