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My name is Juha RiverhiIl, and I have always wanted to unearth the truth about myself and the world.

I have studied and observed my development and that of humankind from the perspective of spirit and matter for almost thirty years. In 2015 I felt ready to take a new step in my life, so I followed my calling and became a full-time entrepreneur. I strive to develop myself as a person, and I express my true self by guiding people on their path towards their true self and by sharing my valuable experiences and knowledge with others. 

I guide people to know themselves inside out and to become their whole self by building a strong self-esteem and an accurate, healthy self-image. Additionally, I teach how to cooperate with the energies of the universe so that you can have their full support once you learn to steer them in a way that supports your personal, social and professional growth.

I come from Finland, Northern Europe, and in my life I want to Be the One that I Am: to be happy, to create words of love and light around me, and to serve humanity.


My mission is to help people all over the world to get in touch with their higher self.


I vision a world where everyone is free to study their inner world, thus becoming conscious and compassionate people.


“In Unconditional Love we are one.”

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Juha Riverhill is now crossing the borders of Finland, to do his part as a light worker. He shares his work on his Youtube channel.


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